Spiritual Teacher

A spiritual teacher is one who helps people to gain more knowledge and understanding on the issue of faith and to become ardent adherents to that faith. He also leads people to spiritual things and should be a person of good standing before people so that the people he is teaching can confidently follow him.

A spiritual Teacher must have themselves been grounded in the faith and believes he propagates to be able to be authentic spiritual teachers like one Michael Mirdad who specializes in among other teachings, Christ consciousness. 

Other Issues surrounding a spiritual Leader includes but are not limited to the following;

Teaching Skills

A spiritual Teacher must be able to pass information to people. Teaching skills are therefore very important to be able to do a good job of teaching the followers. Teaching is a skill that cab be acquired through formal or even informal training and is a worth investment for a spiritual teacher.

A spiritual Teacher must be faithful to their mission since one cannot preach water and them be a drinker of wine. People follow what they see and not so much what they hear and so a spiritual Leader should be able to allow people to scrutinize their lives for authenticity. Being faithful to the course that the teacher has declared is not an option for the teacher and so they must slow to making public declarations since there will be a requirement to live up to the standards they have declared through understanding of the faith. Learn more about  Michael Mirdad .

A spiritual Teacher must have thorough understanding of their faith. It is said that you cannot give what you do not have so a teacher must be established in the faith before they can propagate it well. We live in the information age where people can access information online to check the leader out and so the leader must ensure that he stays on top of the game so that those he is leading can develop confidence in them.

Good interpersonal Kills

A spiritual Teacher must have the capacity to interact with people from all walks of life since faith issues cut across races, tribe, color and even geographical boundaries and ability to relate to men and women is something a spiritual leader must able to invest in. Seek more info about spiritual teachers  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Spiritual_teachers .

Ordered Lifestyle

A spiritual Teacher must have an ordered life so that they can be able to able to advice their followers on correct living and in turn cause an impact in their lives.